What is New Thought Golf?

The short answer is… New Thought Golf is a philosophy, a faith, a way of golf. The core tenet is that we live in a beneficent universe which is all-powerful and its nature is infinitely giving. Science has proven time & again that we get what we habitually think about.

That being said, if we desire to become a better golfer, we ought to be consumed with all of the ingredients that make up better golfing. There is nothing the universe won’t give you if you learn to pay attention to the rules and hold the image of the desired outcome firmly in your awareness and affection. As Stephen Covey says, “begin with the end in mind.”
Believing the desired outcome is already so speeds it to you. The truth is there are shortcuts. We know them as hacks. How will it feel to be the skillful golfer of your dreams? Is your goal to break 100… 90… 80… 70 … 60… birdie every hole in order on your course?

Much research has gone into New Thought Golf.  All facets of the game are included. You may think of New Thought Golf as the icing on the cake. The sweet spot. In golf, we strive to hit the ball on the ‘sweet spot’ of the clubface. Why? That’s where sweet shots originate from. The sweet spot of the golf club. Research has proved there is a sweet spot in the universe. Why not seek to be in contact and cooperate with the sweet spot of the universe as well? That sweet spot is the unified field or quantum field… where all possibilities exist.

The Science of Mind, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, A Course in Miracles Made Easy, Make ‘em Beg to Play Golf With You, are all about spiritual inspiration for followers of all faith traditions, based on the New Thought teachings of Science of Mind Founder Ernest Holmes, the ground breaking research of Dr. Joe Dispenza, the profound applications of A Course in Miracles by Alan Cohen, and my book for new golfers… Make ‘em Beg…

Based on the principles and paradigms of the New Thought Movement in the early 20th century.
Science based guidance for living the golf of your dreams.
May the Course be With You! Coach Karyn